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Snake Breeding Projects
RepStylin® Snake Breeding Projects
The majority of our snakes, colubrids in particular, breed in early spring and produce eggs by late spring, with babies hatching throughout the summer months. We overshoot with breeding, knowing that a significant percentage of pairings each will not produce viable offspring. We don't ever keep a wait list or pre-sell babies that have not hatched or are not yet eating well enough. If you want to know what is for sale at any given time, please check the "available" pages (boa, colubrid & python), where every snake for sale is listed with individual photo, gender, genetics, feeding and price information. If you don't see what you are looking for there, then we really don't have any for sale at this time. Snakes should be purchased directly through the website shopping cart. If you see it listed for sale, then it should definitely still available and will be the exact snake pictured that you purchase. Please also check out our Facebook page, which complements this website. Sales are through the website only, but the Facebook page is where we often post first to share photos of new animals being produced and other reptile-related photos and information. Just click the Facebook icon below or at the top of this page to go there.
Snake Species & Morphs Combos We Breed & May Be Expecting in 2018

Amazon Tree Boas
Mango X red & orange marbled colorful phase.

Ball Pythons
A variety of morph combos working with the following genes:

Black Pastel 
Coral Glow
Genetic Stripe
Lavender Albino
Lesser Platinum
Paradox pairings that attempt to reproduce the looks.
Piebald (AKA Pied)

Boa Constrictors (BCI)
A variety of morph combos with the following genes: 

Kahl Albino

Carpet Pythons 
Working with the following genes:

Corn Snakes
Working with the following genes to produce a variety of combo morphs:

Anery A
Charcoal (AKA anery B)
Cinder (AKA anery C)
Diffused (AKA bloodred)
Hypo A
Rootbeer / Creamicle (corn snake & Great Plains rat snake hybrids)

Honduran Milk Snakes
Working with the following genes:
RepStylin® Wicked aberrant projects that attempt to prove whether the look is genetic and reproducible.

Mexican Black Kingsnakes
Taking the 2018 season off intentionally.

Rainbow Boas
Taking the 2018 season off intentionally.

Sinaloan Milk Snakes 

Applegate aberrant striped Sinaloan milk snakes & hets.

Restylin® World First Morph Combos and Unique Animals Produced

RepStylin® has a number of world's first corn snake morph combos as well, which include the following:

Anery Caramel Stripe Ultramel Corn Snake (anery A + caramel + stripe + het amel + het ultra)

Banana Genetic Stripe Lesser Pastel (AKA Chunky Monkey) Ball Python

Black Pastel Genetic Stripe Lesser (AKA Bedazzle) Ball Python

Blizzard Motley Corn Snake (amel + charcoal + motley)
Bloodred Motley Tessera (diffused + motley + tessera)
Bloodred Stripe Tessera (diffused + motley + tessera)

Caramel Diffused Motley Tessera Corn Snake (caramel + diffused + motley + tessera)

Caramel Granite Corn Snake (anery A + caramel + diffused)

Caramel Motley Plasma Corn Snake (caramel + diffused + lavender + motley)

Charcoal Motley Tessera Corn Snake (charcoal + motley + tessera)

Cinder Diffused Tessera Corn Snake (cinder + diffused + tessera)

Cinder Motley Tessera Corn Snake (cinder + motley + tessera)

Cinder Stripe Ultramel (cinder + stripe+ het amel + het ultra)

Coral Glow Genetic Stripe Lesser (AKA Golden Glow) Ball Pyhon

Creamsicko Diffused Hybrid Corn Snake (diffused + het amel + het ultra in corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Diffused Motley Hybrid Corn Snake (diffused + motley + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Diffused Stripe Hybrid Corn Snake (diffused + stripe + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Stripe Hybrid Corn Snake (stripe + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Creamsicle Diffused Stripe Hybrid Corn Snake (amel + diffused + stripe corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Diffused Gold Dust Motley Corn Snake (caramel + diffused + motley + het amel + het ultra)
Diffused Gold Dust Stripe Tessera (caramel + stripe + tessera + ultramel)

Diffused Hybino Stripe Corn Snake (amel + diffused + hypo A + stripe)
Diffused Hypo Motley Tessera (diffused + hypo A + Motley + Tessera)
Diffused Hypo Stripe Tessera (diffused + hypo A + Stripe + Tessera) 

Diffused Motley Opal Corn Snake (amel + diffused + lavender + motley)

Diffused Opal Stripe Corn Snake (amel + diffused + lavender + stripe)

Diffused Peppermint Stripe Corn Snake (amel + cinder + diffused + stripe)

Diffused Motley Root Beer Hybrid Corn Snake (diffused + motley corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Diffused Stripe Root Beer Hybrid Corn Snake (diffused + stripe corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Diffused Stripe Ultra Corn Snake (diffused + stripe + ultra)

Diffused Stripe Ultramel Corn Snake (diffused + stripe + het amel + het ultra)
Fire Stripe Tessera Corn Snake (amel + diffused + stripe + tessera)
Granite Stripe Tessera Corn Snake (anery A + diffused + stripe + tessera)

Motley Pewter Ultramel Corn Snake (motley + charcoal + diffused + het amel + het ultra)

Motley Plasma Corn Snake (diffused + lavender + motley)

Motley Sulfur Corn Snake (amel + caramel + diffused + motley)

Motley Whiteout Corn Snake (amel + charcoal + diffused + motley)

Rootbeer Stripe Tessera Hybrid Corn Snake (stripe + tessera corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)
Other RepStylin® Snakes with Unique Looks Not Yet Proven Genetic

RepStylin® "Wicked" Aberrant Honduran Milk Snakes: One of our 2015 Honduran milk snake clutches yielded these fun aberrant patterned babies. The parents were a ghost and a hypo het anery with pretty typical banding. I had acquired both parents from a friend who was getting out milk snakes and could not remember who she had purchased them from. I have been told that they resemble a line called "crazy" but have no evidence linking them to this line and have to presume it is probably something different. In 2017 we will repeat the pairing that produced these babies, as well as breeding their sire to some other females to try to determine whether this look is reproducible / genetic. In 2018, these two should be ready to breed as well.



RepStylin® "Effervescent" Aberrant Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boas: Our 2016 hypo X het hypo Brazilian rainbow boa litter produced several of these unusually patterned babies. Their unrelated parents were bred to each other previously and produced mostly typical looking hypos and het hypos, and we're not sure what's going on with the funky pattern on these new baby boas but do think the bubbly look is pretty cool! Some of them will be raised up and bred to see whether the look is reproducible.
RepStylin® Oddball / Paradox Ball Pythons:  We have a white headed black pewter pied male ball python that has produced multiple odd-looking babies with excessive white and / or random odd patterns when bred to multiple females now, and they are babies that cannot be piebald or traditional super morph leucistics. Crazy Eyes, our the unique ball python with one black eye and one blue eye on the front page of this website currently, is one of these crazy oddballs, and there have been a few more bizarre babies that have hatched out recently with a variety of unusual looks that don't appear to be known morph combos that they "should" have been. (See baby photos above). Of course we will be keeping the really unusual looking babies to raise up as  breeders in order to find out if this "oddball component" will prove to be reliably genetic or what. Can't wait to find out!
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RepStylin® Wicked Ghost Aberrant Honduran Milk Snake
RepStylin® Wicked Hypo Aberrant Honduran Milk Snake
RepStylin® Effervescent Hypo Aberrant Brazilian Rainbow Boa
RepStylin® Oddball / Paradox Ball Pythons
World's First Coral Glow Genetic Stripe Ball Python Hatched by RepStylin®
MorphMarket reptiles for sale
First RepStylin® baby snake of the new year!
Albino genetic stripe combo.
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008008.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008007.jpg
Black spinner with cool stripy pattern!
Very funky bee with lots of white!
Funky pastel baby! Almost looks like a bee.
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008006.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008004.jpg
White Headed Black Pewter Pied Sire with "Oddball Component"
2018 Baby Snakes
Another mystery morph hatching!
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008002.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online008001.jpg
Cool bee combo with nice ringer!
Crazy good oddball bee!