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RepStylin® Payment, Terms & Shipping
How to Place a Snake Order

At RepStylin®, we primarily use the online PayPal shopping cart for both live snakes and nonliving items. All items for sale are listed with payment buttons next to their listings. Our flat rate shipping price for one or multiple snakes is $50. We ship live reptiles within the continental USA only. Due to state laws, we cannot ship any corn snakes at all to Georgia and no corn snakes with dark pupils to New Jersey. No live snake of any kind can be shipped to Hawaaii. Those are the restrictions we are aware of. There may be other state or regional laws pertaining to certain reptiles that we are not aware of. You, as the customer, need to be responsible for researching what is and is not acceptable where you live prior to purchase. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use the shopping cart. It should accept debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal. We no longer accept money orders, cashier's checks nor personal checks due to multiple scam attempts involving them. Local customers who are picking up their reptiles in person or those that find us at a reptile expo may pay with cash if desired. We are located in Central Oregon, and visits to pick up and pay for snakes that have been pre-selected from the website inventory are by appointment only. If you would like to avoid shipping costs and pick up your snake(s) in person, please email us at the contact email address below to make arrangements. We do NOT keep wait lists or accept payment in advance for snake morphs that have not yet hatched or been born. Our "available" pages are kept very current, and what you see listed there should definitely still be for sale if it is listed and can be purchased with the automated shopping cart system. You should get the EXACT snakes seen in the full-body photos on our website; not just a similar one. If you don't see what you are looking for on the "available" pages, then we really don't have any for sale at this time. Our entire inventory of animals for sale is always listed on the proper "available" pages with individual full-body photos, morph and genetic info, gender, price and payment buttons. Prices are firm. Please do NOT ask for trades, holds or payment plans on animals! The answer will be "no," so please don't waste your time. Thank you!

Live Animal Shipping

Once your live snake payment has been made through the website shopping cart, please look for an email from us to acknowledge it and discuss safe shipping. We will not ship live animals until shipment has been discussed with you by email and arrangements are acceptable to both parties. The snake(s) will be shipped overnight via FedEx on a day that we have agreed upon. We prefer to ship our reptiles to a staffed FedEx express ship center for customers to pick up in person the next day at their convenience. This method is safer for the reptiles, makes them available earlier or allows them to wait for you in a climate-controlled area until you can pick them up and spares them from bouncing around on a truck all day, which may be dangerously hot or cold. We may be able to ship to other locations sometimes, but live delivery is not necessarily guaranteed, as there may be addtional risk factors involved. We cannot ship on weekends nor certain holidays, and we ship within the continental USA only. Once we have shipped your reptile(s), you should receive a FedEx tracking number link by email. If you track your package with the FedEx tracking number we provide for you, you will be able to tell when the snake is arriving and / or available to be picked up. It is by mid to late morning in most locations. In hot or cold weather, we will include cold or hot packs, as appropriate, inside the box in order to help maintain a safe environment for the reptile(s) being shipped. If temperatures are below freezing or over 90 degrees in either location, it is probably best to hold off on shipping until temperatures are more favorable. With more extreme temperatures requiring the use of a use of a heat pack or cold pack, we may not want to ship on Thursday, as a delay would last the whole weekend, and the hot or cold pack would not last long enough to help ensure the snake stays at a safe temperature. Summer shipping is more risky than winter shipping, and cold packs are much less reliable than warm packs. We are happy to hold snakes that have been paid for until temperatures are safe for shipping. However, please do not ask us to hold snakes until right before Christmas, as that is a risky time for shipping with all of the packages being sent and higher potential for delays, as well as cold weather.

Live Animal Guarantees

We guarantee live delivery if your animal is shipped to and signed for the next day at a staffed FedEx express ship center. We also guarantee that your snake(s) will be outwardly healthy and feeding voluntarily on appropriatedly sized rodents. Corn snakes and other colubrids will be feeding on frozen / thawed unless otherwise specified. Ball pythons and boas may be feeding on live rodents, as is typical for younger specimens. The majority ball pythons will switch to frozen / thawed prey when when they are more mature and nearly all boas will as well. If you feel there is a problem with the snake(s) you have purchased, we need to hear from you by email within 12 hours of receiving the animal. Otherwise we cannot guarantee replacement or refund. We only sell snakes that have been feeding well for us, but stress from the change in environment or different feeding technique may occasionally cause a snake to temporarily stop feeding. If your new snake does not eat for you within two weeks, please let us know, and we can give you some tips and tricks to get it feeding again. We do suggest letting your snake settle into its new environment for a few days before attempting to feed it and handle it regularly.

Jewelry & Other Nonliving Item Payment, Shipping & Terms

Within the USA, we ship jewelry and other nonliving via USPS Priority Mail. Please allow up to one week for item(s) to arrive. We ship jewelry and other nonliving items internationally with USPS First Class Package International Service. Please allow two to three weeks for international orders to arrive. We guarantee our jewelry to arrive to you promptly and packaged in sturdy boxes or padded envelopes to protect it from getting broken during shipping. The jewelry you see on our sales page are often photos of a typical piece in that particular style but may not be the exact piece of jewelry you receive. Because our products are hand made and in some cases made from natural materials with natural variations, they may not look exactly the same but will be very similar in appearance and quaility. If you are not satisfied with a jewelry item you have purchased, please contact us by email within a week of arrival and let us know what the problem is, and we can discuss return, alteration or refund if applicable.

Contact RepStylin®:

Email: Wendy@RepStylin.com

Prices are FIRM! No TRADES, HOLDS or PAYMENT PLANS on animals! Thank You!

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