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Python Snakes For Sale Now
This is the full inventory of pythons for sale. Please click on photos to enlarge.
Ball Pythons (Python regius)
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online001007.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online001006.jpg
2012 Adult Genetic Stripe Lesser Platinum #RO12-01
Genetic Info: Perfect prominent stripe selectively bred into this line!
Gender: Male
Feeding: Frozen / thawed rats.
Notes: Proven breeder!
Price: $325 plus flat rate shipping.
2014 Coral Glow Het Pied #GW14-01
Genetic Info: 100% het for pied & possible het genetic stripe. Gender: Male
Feeding: Live rats or mice.
Notes: Proven to be het pied. Has not been tested on genetic stripe.
Price: $550 plus flat rate shipping
Reticulated Pythons (Python reticulatus)
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online004016.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online004015.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online004014.jpg
2012 Adult Anery Tiger Dwarf Reticulated  Python #ST12 01 
Genetic Info: Produced from superdwarf & Jampea dwarf lineage.
Gender: Male
Feeding: Frozen / thawed rats
Notes: Breeding size now but has not been bred. Friendly temperament and handles fine after you catch him with a large snake hook. Please click on photo to see size reference. He is very long, strong and active, so advanced snake handling skills are required!
Price: $2000 plus flat rate shipping. Shipping hold at location to customer's FedEx hub required.
MorphMarket reptiles for sale
2012 Lemon Blast Het Albino #LB12-01
Info: Three gene snake: pastel + pinstripe + 100% het albino
Gender: Male
Feeding: Frozen / thawed rats or mice 
Notes: Proven breeder!
Price: $175 plus flat rate shipping
2018 Pinstripe CH18-01
Info: Possible het albino & hypo
Gender: Male
Feeding: Live mice 
Notes: Temperament is a little feisty.
Price: $90 plus flat rate shipping
2018 Coral Glow Mojave LU18-01
Info: 100% het genetic stripe.
Gender: Male
Feeding: Live mice.
Notes: From male maker coral glow sire, so he will also be a male maker.
Price: $375 plus flat rate shipping
2018 Coral Glow Blue Eyed Leucistic LU18-02
Info: 100% het genetic stripe. He is either coral glow super lesser or coral glow lesser Mojave BEL. It is impossible to tell now but can be verified by breeding him when he is bigger.
Gender: Male
Feeding: Live mice.
Notes: From male maker coral glow line that has never produce males that aren't' coral glow, so we are confident it is in there, even though you can't see it.
Price: $525 plus flat rate shipping
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online004004.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_snakes_for_sale_online004003.jpg
2016 Coral Glow Lesser #GI16-02
Info: 100% het genetic stripe
Gender: Male
Feeding: Frozen / thawed rats or XL mice
Notes: Male Maker Coral Glow. Large adult with no black speckles at all! Having lesser in the mix seems to eliminate all the black spots you would normally see on adult coral glow / banana ball pythons.
Price: $425 plus flat rate shipping