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Thank you for visiting the RepStylin® website! My name is Wendy, and I am a reptile enthusiast, snake keeper and the owner of this hobby based venture. I live with my family in scenic Central Oregon. I work full-time as a registered nurse at the local hospital, and my husband is a doctor. We have two sons and stay very busy with all of our various activities. Keeping snakes has been one of my favorite hobbies for many years!

I have loved snakes and other reptiles ever since I was a small child, and I have been keeping and breeding them for well over a decade now. I keep a number of snake species, but ball pythons are by far my favorite. As a child my other main hobby, besides collecting creepy crawly critters, was always art of various types. That interest has also persisted into adulthood, and I have enjoyed combining it with my reptile passion to create designer morphs snakes, reptile-themed jewelry, web design and snake related photography! 

Although it's primarily just a hobby to me, I have been officially in the business of reptile breeding since 2008, starting out under a different name, which proved to be too difficult for many people to say, spell and remember. In 2013, I added a line of reptile themed jewelry under the name RepStylin, and in 2014 changed the name of the entire business to RepStylin®, which is simpler and encompassed both the production of designer morph reptiles, reptile themed jewelry and other reptile design items. The name RepStylin® is my registered trademark. For the sake of time efficiency, I have been minimizing all business related things but not yet closing the business completely in case I change my mind in the future. My reptile themed jewelry was fun for a few years and sold really well at reptile expos. With the pandemic and my downsizing, reptile expos have not been a thing for me for some time, so I have pretty much phased out selling my reptile themed jewelry, at least for now.
It has been fun producing a variety of snake species and unique morph combos over the years, but these days I am purposely minimizing the breeding and sales aspect of the hobby to try to make more time for everything else in life. I am primarily just a collector of unique snakes and don't really want to be tied up much with breeding, sales or maintenance of a large collection, like I did in the past. I never breed snakes just to sell. I only pursue projects that may produce very rare or unique morph combos that I would like to get, and then sometimes I may have a extras to sell. I do sometimes list nicer ones ones for sale here on the website, but  I expect that will be fewer and fewer over time, as I don't have many project goals left and am most content just being a keeper of unique animals. For several years now most of my more common morphs have been going straight to my established wholesalers to become pet store snakes, as that is the most time efficient way to do sell them, and there is just no point in spending excessive time on individual retail sales when I don't actually need the money. Snake addiction is real, and I am pleased to say that I am past that phase and not letting snakes be such a big obsession to me anymore. Life is too short.... and busy!

Contact Information

Please contact me by email, and I should respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. RepStylin® is set up for everything, including payment, online. This is what works for me with the crazy schedule and keeps things most time efficient, which is very necessary. Please do not ask for our phone number or ask us to make phone calls to you. RepStylin® does not have a business phone line and is not set up for any business by phone. Please understand that this is a hobby-based gig, which is not focused on sales, and excessive phone calls are extremely disruptive if they happen during working hours at the full-time real job, family time or sleep time. Any snake-related questions can be easily handled by email, and there should not be any need for phone correspondence. I work long 12-hour hospital shifts at odd hours followed by several hours of sleep. If you don't hear back on an inquiry right away, just know that it is probably due to being tied up with work, and your message will be answered as soon as possible. Please contact me at the email address below.

Also know that if you are looking to contact us to check AVAILABILITY of a particular animal, please first check the listings on the "available" page of the website. Every animal that is for sale is listed on the website with an individual full-body photo, morph & genetic information, price and payment buttons for the automated shopping cart. The snake in each photo should be the EXACT animal you will receive. The website is kept current, so if you see a snake listed for sale and can purchase it with the website shopping cart, then it should still be available. If you don't see what you are looking for, then please know that we really don't have any for sale. If you have questions or concerns other than availability, please contact us at the following email address:

Email: RepStylin@mail.com

Prices are FIRM. No TRADES, HOLDS or PAYMENT PLANS on animals! Thanks!
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