RepStylin® Snake Breeding Projects
RepStylin® Wicked Ghost Aberrant Honduran Milk Snake
RepStylin® Wicked Hypo Aberrant Honduran Milk Snake
RepStylin® Effervescent Hypo Aberrant Brazilian Rainbow Boa
2020 Snake Breeding Goals and Resolutions:
1. To further minimize this insanity! It was fun producing a variety of captive bred snakes in all kinds of morphs for well over a decade, but it is time to slow down and just enjoy my unique collection primarily as a hobbyist collector without having to deal with all the work and fuss involved with lots of breeding, sales and maintaining a large numbers of snakes. I have far exceeded my expectations as a reptile breeder long ago and just wish to minimize my time spent on snake hobby to have more time for family, career, travel and other endeavors. I probably will continue to breed snakes occasionally if they have the potential to produce really unique and high-end morph combos. And any extra babies may be listed here on the website for sale, but there will probably not be too many. Realistically speaking, breeding and selling snakes is really just not worth all the fuss when I already have the collection that I want, am chronically short on time and don't actually need the money. Also the current pandemic has the potential to cause shipping delays and other possible complications. Sales is not a necessary part of the hobby, and life is just too short!

2. To focus only on PYTHONS! Ball pythons are my hands down favorite species, and I have a small number of unique and high end ball python breeding projects I would like to complete in the coming year. I may also produce some carpet python morphs in the future. I am no longer very interested in breeding boas nor colubrids, so I am not likely to produce any more of them or have any for sale anytime soon. I am just happy keeping my small high-end collections of my non python snakes primarily as pets with potential to breed in future years if I so choose. For now I am not choosing to do that, but I am not quite closing down the business part completely. Just really minimizing it....

2020 Python Breeding Project Photos
First eggs of the new year!
Fun quad morph babies!
Albino genetic stripe combo!
Pinstripe ultramel on eggs!
Pretty striped baby!
Vivid blue eyes on this baby!
Neat genetic stripe combo hatching!
Fun oddball hatchling!
Panda pieds and maybe more on the way!
Genetic stripe lesser on eggs!
More ball python eggs!
RepStylin® "Oddball" Ball Pythons
RepStylin® "oddball" ball pythons are what keeps the hobby fun and interesting these days. As you can see from the photos below, we have some unusual looking snakes here. A few years back, we started breeding a multi morph male ball python, who only looked slightly unusual for his morph combo, to several females and produced a number of hatchlings with fun paradoxing, ringers and other unexpected white areas on animals that could not be pieds, as well as pattern aberrancies plus occasional heterochromia and other unexpected eye colors. Now we have bred some of the original male's oddball sons to unrelated morph typical females and found that there are indeed genetic tendencies to produce "oddballs" in the first generation, but it is not 100% predictable. We do know what morphs most of the oddballs carry, because they produce enough predictable looking morph combos to tell. Current breeding projects include incorporating additional morphs into this line in hopes of getting even more crazy looking snakes in the future. At this time we are not selling any of the "oddball" snakes but may occasionally list their morph typical looking siblings for sale on the website.
repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006025.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006024.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006017.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006016.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006014.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006013.jpg repstylin_captive_bred_designer_morph_pet_python_snakes006012.jpg
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