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Snake Breeding Projects
RepStylin® 2017 Baby Snakes!
The majority of our snakes breed in early spring and produce eggs by late spring, with babies hatching throughout the summer months. We overshoot with breeding, knowing that a significant percentage of pairings each will not produce viable offspring. We don't ever keep a wait list or pre-sell babies that have not hatched or are not yet eating well enough. If you want to know what is for sale at any given time, please check the "available" pages (boa, colubrid & python), where every snake for sale is listed with individual photo, gender, genetics, feeding and price information. If you don't see what you are looking for there, then we really don't have any for sale at this time. Snakes can be purchased directly on the website shopping cart. If you see it listed for sale, then it is definitely still available and will be the exact snake pictured that you purchase. Please also check out our Facebook page, which complements this website. Sales are through the website only, but the Facebook page is where we generally post first to share photos of new animals that are hatching and other reptile-related photos and information. Just click the Facebook icon below or at the top of this page to go there.
repstylin_now0080103.jpg repstylin_now0080102.jpg repstylin_now0080101.jpg repstylin_now0080100.jpg repstylin_now008099.jpg repstylin_now008097.jpg repstylin_now008096.jpg repstylin_now008095.jpg repstylin_now008094.jpg repstylin_now008093.jpg repstylin_now008092.jpg repstylin_now008091.jpg repstylin_now008090.jpg repstylin_now008089.jpg repstylin_now008088.jpg
First hatchling of 2017 is a het pied ball python.
Plasma corn snake with some eggs & some duds.
Butter stripe corn snake momma. .
Root beer tessera hybrid corn snake on eggs!
Creamsicle hybrid corn snake with eggs.
Amel her cinder diffused sripe corn on eggs! .
Fire motley stripe corn snake with her clutch.
Coral glow pied! Yes, we are keeping him!
Coral glow het pied ball python that hatched. .
Diffused hypo corn snake on eggs!
Okeetee corn snake on eggs.
Gold dust stripe corn snake with eggs!
Blue eyed lucy ball python on a 10-egg clutch!
Central American boa littler with several morphs! .
Fire corn snake with a nice clutch.
Tessera mother on eggs! .
facebook_banner.jpg repstylin_now008087.jpg
Anery 2 morph combos from the boa litter! .
Other RepStylin® Snakes with Unique Looks Not Yet Proven Genetic
RepStylin®  "Wicked" Aberrant Honduran Milk Snakes:  One of our 2015 Honduran milk snake clutches yielded these fun aberrant patterned babies. The parents were a ghost and a hypo het anery with pretty typical banding. I had acquired both parents from a friend who was getting out milk snakes and could not remember who she had purchased them from. I have been told that they resemble a line called "crazy" but have no evidence linking them to this line and have to presume it is probably something different. In 2017 we will repeat the pairing that produced these babies, as well as breeding their sire to some other females to try to determine whether this look is reproducible / genetic. In 2018, these two should be ready to breed as well.
RepStylin® "Effervescent" Aberrant Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boas:  Our 2016 hypo X het hypo Brazilian rainbow boa litter produced several of these unusually patterned babies. Their unrelated parents were bred to each other previously and produced mostly typical looking hypos and het hypos, and we're not sure what's going on with the funky pattern on these new baby boas but do think the bubbly look is pretty cool! Some of them will be raised up and bred to see whether the look is reproducible.
repstylin_now008085.jpg repstylin_now008084.jpg repstylin_now008083.jpg
RepStylin® "Wicked" Hypo Honduran Milk Snake
RepStylin® "Effervescent" Hypo Brazilian Rainbow Boa
RepStylin® "Wicked" Ghost Honduran Milk Snake
More babies on the way! Yay!
Snake Species & Morphs Combos We Breed & May Be Expecting in 2017

Amazon Tree Boas 
Taking the 2017 season off intentionally.   

Ball Pythons
A variety of morph combos working with the following genes:

Black Pastel
Coral Glow 
Genetic Stripe
Lavender Albino
Lesser Platinum
Orange Ghost Hypo
Piebald (AKA Pied)

Boa Constrictors (BCI)
A variety of morph combos with the following genes:

Anery 2
Kahl Albino
Carpet Pythons
May or may not pursue breeding in 2017. If so, will be working with the following genetics:
Corn Snakes
Working with the following genes to produce a variety of combo morphs:
Anery A
Charcoal (AKA anery B)
Cinder (AKA anery C)
Diffused (AKA bloodred)
Honduran Milk Snakes
Not expecting any babies in 2017 due to poor fertility this season.
Mexican Black Kingsnakes
Taking the 2017 season off intentionally.
Rainbow Boas
Taking the 2017 season off intentionally.
Sinaloan Milk Snakes
Possible Applegate aberrant Sinaloans & hets, but may wait until next season.  
Check out our pretty ball python morph combo on the hand photo above! He is the world's first coral glow genetic stripe lesser (AKA Golden Glow). He's even brighter and prettier after having shed! Click on his small photo above to see his listing to see him on the World of Ball Pythons website!
Striped tessera corn snake on eggs! .
repstylin_now008074.jpg repstylin_now008073.jpg repstylin_now008072.jpg
Babies from the first corn snake clutch hatching!
Motley & hypo motley tessera corn hatchlings!
repstylin_now008070.jpg repstylin_now008069.jpg repstylin_now008068.jpg repstylin_now008067.jpg repstylin_now008066.jpg repstylin_now008065.jpg
Pretty hypo pewter that hatched out!
Fire stripe possible het cinder hatchling!
Striped tessera babies!
Cinder diffused tessera! Likely the first ever!
Colorful amel tessera corn!
Bloodred tessera corn!
Diffused ulturamel on eggs!
Root beer stripe hybrid hatchling!
repstylin_now008064.jpg repstylin_now008063.jpg repstylin_now008062.jpg repstylin_now008061.jpg
Creamsicle diffused stripe hybrid corn snake!
Diffused root beer hybrid corn snake hatching!
Root beer stripe tessera hybrid corn hatchling!
Creamsicle stripe tessera hybrid corn!
repstylin_now008059.jpg repstylin_now008058.jpg repstylin_now008057.jpg repstylin_now008056.jpg
Pretty pink peppermint corn snake hatchling!
Amel motley tessera corn!
Cinder tessera corn baby!
Amel stripe tessera corn! Nearly patternless!
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repstylin_now008055.jpg repstylin_now008054.jpg
Ghost motley tessera corn on eggs!
Big plasma corn snake with her second clutch of 2017.
Whiteout corn snake hatchling!
Motley sulfur corn snake!
Diffused motley opal corn hatchling!
repstylin_now008051.jpg repstylin_now008050.jpg
Motley plasma corn hatchling!
repstylin_now008049.jpg repstylin_now008048.jpg
Genetic stripe pewter ball python on eggs!
Bloodred stripe corn snake hatchling!
Striped sulfur corn anake hatchling!
Diffused opal stripe corn hatchling!
repstylin_now008047.jpg repstylin_now008046.jpg repstylin_now008045.jpg
Charcoal motley tessera baby!
Granite motley corn baby!
repstylin_now008044.jpg repstylin_now008043.jpg repstylin_now008042.jpg repstylin_now008041.jpg repstylin_now008040.jpg repstylin_now008039.jpg repstylin_now008038.jpg repstylin_now008037.jpg
Caramel diffused stripe tessera corn!
Butter stripe baby!
Peppermint stripe hatching!
Fire stripe tessera & bloodred motley tessera!
Granite stripe tessera baby corn!
Anery stripe tessera!
Amel stripe tessera baby!
Gold dust motley tessera. Likely diffused,too!
repstylin_now008036.jpg repstylin_now008035.jpg
Whiteout babies!
Cinder stripe combo corn hatching!
repstylin_now008033.jpg repstylin_now008032.jpg
Cinder stripe corn snake!
repstylin_now008031.jpg repstylin_now008030.jpg
Anery motley tessera corn hatching!
Motley Pewter corn baby!
Restylin® World First Morph Combos and Unique Animals Produced

RepStylin® has a number of world's first corn snake morph combos as well, which include the following:
Anery Caramel Stripe Ultramel (anery A + caramel + stripe + het amel + het ultra)
Banana Genetic Stripe Lesser Pastel (AKA Chunky Monkey) Ball Python
Black Pastel Genetic Stripe Lesser (AKA Bedazzle) Ball Python
Blizzard Motley (amel + charcoal + motley)
Caramel Diffused Motley Tessera (caramel + diffused + motley + tessera)
Caramel Granite (anery A + caramel + diffused)

Caramel Motley Plasma (caramel + diffused + lavender + motley)
Charcoal Motley Tessera (charcoal + motley + tessera) 
Cinder Diffused Tessera (cinder + diffused + tessera)

Cinder Motley Tessera (cinder + motley + tessera)

Cinder Stripe Ultramel (cinder + stripe+ het amel + het ultra)

Coral Glow Genetic Stripe Lesser (AKA Golden Glow) Ball Pyhon

Creamsicko Diffused (diffused + het amel + het ultra in corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Diffused Motley (diffused + motley + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Diffused Stripe (diffused + stripe + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat hybrid)

Creamsicko Stripe (stripe + het amel + het ultra corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Creamsicle Diffused Stripe (amel + diffused + stripe corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid) 

Diffused Gold Dust Motley (caramel + diffused + motley + het amel + het ultra)
Diffused Hybino Stripe (amel + diffused + hypo A + stripe) 
Diffused Motley Opal (amel + diffused + lavender + motley)
Diffused Opal Stripe (amel + diffused + lavender + stripe)
Diffused Peppermint Stripe (amel + cinder + diffused + stripe)

Diffused Motley Root Beer (diffused + motley corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Diffused Stripe Root Beer (diffused + stripe corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)

Diffused Stripe Ultra (diffused + stripe + ultra)

Diffused Stripe Ultramel (diffused + stripe + het amel + het ultra)
Motley Pewter Ultramel (motley + charcoal + diffused + het amel + het ultra)

Motley Plasma (diffused + lavender + motley)
Motley Sulfur (amel + caramel + diffused + motley)
Motley Whiteout (amel + charcoal + diffused + motley)
Rootbeer Stripe Tessera (stripe + tessera corn / Emoryi rat snake hybrid)
repstylin_now008029.jpg repstylin_now008028.jpg
Cinder stripe ultramel corn baby!
Motley pewter ultramel corn baby! Yeah!
Diffused stripe ultramel corn baby!
repstylin_now008027.jpg repstylin_now008026.jpg
Caramel diffused motley tessera!
Whiteout stripe corn hatching!
Genetic stripe lesser ball python on eggs!
repstylin_now008024.jpg repstylin_now008023.jpg
Pastel het pied ball python on eggs!
Black bee ball python on eggs!
Black pastel genetic stripe ball python on eggs!
repstylin_now008021.jpg repstylin_now008020.jpg
Albino ball python on eggs!
repstylin_now008019.jpg repstylin_now008018.jpg
Blood het Kahl albino X sunglow het blood boa litter!
Pied ball python on eggs!
Albino het genetic stripe ball python on eggs!
Sweet paradox ball with a black eye & a blue eye!
repstylin_now008015.jpg repstylin_now008014.jpg
Another paradox ball python!
Nice high contrast pastel ball python hatching!
Black pewter lesser ball python that hatched!
Lesser platinum ball python on eggs!
Blue eyed lucy ball python on eggs!
Spinner blast ball python on eggs!
Silver streak ball python hatchling!
Pewter pied ball python hatchling!
MorphMarket reptiles for sale
repstylin_now008003.jpg repstylin_now008002.jpg
Black widow ball python hatchling!
Honey bee ball python on eggs!