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RepStylin Captive Bred Designer Morph Pet Snakes For Sale Online
Captive Bred Designer Morph Pet Snakes
Meet Crazy Eyes! He is our very unique oddball ball python male with heterochromia, having one black eye
and one blue eye!
RepStylin® is a hobby based endevor, focused on the production of harmless designer morph pet snakes with emphasis on unique pythons. Thank you for visiting the RepStylin® website!
Why Snakes Make Great Pets

Reptiles are amazing animals! Snakes, in particular, are quite often very misunderstood and feared by many without good reason. The vast majority of snakes in the world are harmless, and there are many species that make great pets! Here are some reasons that captive bred snakes make nice pets:

1. EASY TO CARE FOR! Snakes are very low maintenence pets, which are easy for even very busy people to keep. They generally only need to be fed about once a week. Most snakes will eat frozen / thawed prey and do not require live food at all! They also don't require much space, grooming or exercise.

2. CLEAN & HYPOALLERGENIC. Without any fur, snakes and other reptiles make ideal pets for people with allergies. Snakes require much less frequent cage maintenance than other caged pets. They are also very quiet and essentially odorless.

3. MANAGEABLE SIZE. Most snakes common in the pet trade do not grow to be too large. Too many people have the misconception that every pet snake or python will grow to be the size of the large Burmese pythons they have seen exploited by the media. There are numerous species of pythons and other snakes that don't get much more than a meter in length as adults and will be totally manageable as pets. Regardless, always do your research when shopping for a new pet and get a good idea of what to expect before purchasing a snake or any other pet.

4. DOCILE NATURE. The majority of captive bred snakes are very docile and can be handled safely by people. Snakes are defensive by nature and do not seek to chase or harm humans. Again, do your research on the particular species of interest, but there are many types that will make sweet and docile pets that you can easily handle when desired.

5. INCREDIBLE MORPHS! Captive bred snakes (which are much better pets than wild caught snakes for a number of reasons) nowadays come in a huge variety of beautiful designer color and pattern morph combos that will simply dazzle you!
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