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      Thank you for visiting the RepStylin® website! RepStylin® is a hobby based endeavor in the USA, focused on the husbandry of harmless designer morph pet snakes with emphasis on rare and unique ball pythons. Snakes make fun and easy pets, which nowadays come in an astounding variety of genetic color and pattern varieties called morphs, and selective breeding plays into these fun "paint jobs" sometimes, as well. This "living art" aspect keeps captive breeders engaged in creating increasingly more unique snake looks, and that can make the hobby rather addictive. Consider yourself warned!

       Time really flies! After having spent many years in the reptile hobby and having produced many amazing animals, we are now really trying to minimize time spent on the snake hobby in order to focus more on family and professional obligations, while trying to enjoy other things life has to offer. With increasing prices in shipping coupled with decreased shipping reliability and lack of free time, we have decided to stop offering individual snakes for retail sale online all together. We no longer offer any any snake sales from our home, either, as that was also excessively time consuming. It just works best for us to keep breeding at a minimum, to sell any extra babies to our established wholesalers to become pet store snakes, and to offer bigger snakes we decide to part with for sale at occasional local reptile expos. We will maintain our business license and probably still stay in the hobby at some level. Gotta keep it simple and time efficient, though. Life is too short!
Captive Bred Designer Morph Snakes
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